Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Importance of oxygen in our life

Every one of us knows that we need oxygen to survive.  But most of us do not take it seriously and are unaware of the implications on our health.

We need oxygen before we can burn our food properly and use it as fuel.  We need oxygen to burn the wastes in our body, clear and remove the toxins. Without oxygen, it is important to clean the blood cells properly and the body is burdened with toxins, fatigue and tired. Bad bacteria will multiply in a toxic environment. 

When your body is filled with oxygen, the food, wastes are all properly burnt up and you will feel more energetic, alert, concentration will improve and cognitive abilities will be enhanced.

Hence it is important to do breathe properly, exercises regularly and take oxygen supplements occasionally to cleanse and reboot your body!



如果没有氧气,我们没有办法清除血液与细胞里的毒素。 身体就会觉得疲劳和疲倦,也给身体增添负担。在有毒的环境中,不好的细菌会大量繁殖,就很容易生病。当我们的身体充满氧气时,食物,废物都会被烧掉,你会觉得精力充沛,集中力会提高, 认知能力会得到加强。

因此,做正常呼吸是重要的,经常运动, 服用有氧的营养品可补充你身体所需要的氧气,帮助排毒,启动你健康

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Things to look out for when making yogurt

A friend showed me how to make yogurt. Home-made yogurt! It sounds like a great idea!

It is so important to have good bacteria in our gut. They are like soldiers, they will chase out the bad guys and defend the territory. We are always exposed to the bad bacteria from the environment,from our food, hence we need to constantly boost up our good bacteria guys in our gut.

I succeeded after a few failed attempts and it gave me a great deal of satisfaction to see them taking shape so nicely.  Most importantly, they taste great! I took them in the morning with spirulina, maca powder, dates syrup and a dash of oil.

After finishing 3 tubs of it yogurt in the morning (and I don't take them everyday!), i began to feel strange in my stomach.  On further check with my Indian friends, they said they take yogurt as their dishes are usually very spicy (hence heaty) and hence they need something (like yogurt) to balance (cool) them down.  And they always take it after a meal, not on an empty stomach.

Food is our medicine.  We have to be careful, when adopting some of the diet from other culture, especially if you have health conditions.

有一位朋友教我做酸奶。 我开心极了!



可是, 我吃了三瓶自己做的酸奶以后,(我不是每天吃!)我开始觉得肚子怪怪的我的印度朋友询问之下,他们说他们的饮食是非常辣(属热性,因此,他们需要一些比较凉性的东西来平衡(如酸奶。因此他们总是饭后才用,而不会空腹使用


Papaya for breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal after a long period of fasting. Your body is ready to receive the nutrients. It will take in everything and anything that you give. If you feed your body with oily and unhealthy stuff, it...
will also absorb it into your body. If you feed it with healthy nutritious food, it will also become you.




Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Keep That Colon Clean

Some people struggle with their bowels, some move their bowels everyday.  No matter which end of the spectrum you are at, it is more important that you understand the importance of a clean colon.  Take plenty of fibre and water, boost it constantly with probiotics and do not stay sedentary.  At the same time, try and reduce everything else that is not good for the colon.

It is also helpful to just give the colon a "spring cleaning" once in a while.  Boost it with an oxygen cleanser that will supply it with oxygen and melt all the compacted waste.  Gentle, non-intrusive, effective and non-stimulating.



Sunday, 15 July 2012

Gatekeeper to our Health - Our Mouth

Friday, 15 June 2012

Baby Sprouts

This is what i call fresh food! Full of live enzymes and vibrant with energy! Beautifully sprouted and and sweet. Perfect for my sandwiches. 


Sunday, 8 April 2012

Bt Timah Trekking

Sigh.  No other exercise can beat a trek into the forest.  How I missed my Japan Trekking Weekends where I can spend just half a day dashing through the forest!

I should aim to go there at least once a month!  Hmm.... I don't have that many free Sundays ...

Benefits of Trekking
- Plenty of Fresh Air! Negative ions too if we go near a water area. Great if we have a waterfall in Singapore.
- It takes just a few steps to get you all warmed up.   Efficient in burning the calories.
- Our trail is not that strenuous.  It is quite manageable.  So it is great for muscle toning
- One of the problems with health is lack of deep breathing.  This is an excellent way to do deep breathing exercises!
- Great company! Ha ha ha